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Located in St Simon de Bordes, between Bordeaux and Cognac, the Bossuet Cooperage has been developing for the last 25 years, with an increasing reputation not only with French wineries but also overseas.

The Cooperage proposes a selection of brand new oak barrels, in all sizes, customized and adapted according to winemakers's needs and expectations.

Working with his own stave mill for years, Jean-Louis Bossuet has become an expert in selecting and preparing French oak wood directly coming from national forests, under the management of the French National Forests Organisation. The oak wood quality is a huge part of the cooperage's good reputation.

In order to propose new solutions to wineries, the Bossuet cooperage has recently diversified its activities and is now producing alternative oak solutions, made with the same wood selection.

Having grown up in the cooperage, Yoan Bossuet has now joined his father in developing the familial and traditional company. Today, Bossuet Cooperage is increasing its presence working with many wineries in Bordeaux and in many countries around the world, and is always ready to meet with new wineries and discover new regions.

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